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8th Year Harry/Draco Fanfiction [01 Jan 2020|05:12pm]
This is list of fanfiction that starts up after Deathly Hallows and has Harry and Draco returning to Hogwarts to complete their schooling. Technically, it's their 7th year – at least for Harry, who never went to school in the 7th book – but the fics are dubbed as "8th year".

I've tried to include all stories I can find as long as they appear to be of decent quality and are not really short (under 2,000 words). If you know of a fanfiction missing that is Harry/Draco in pairing and involves their 8th year at some point and/or 8th year plays an important part in the story, please let me know. I'd love to add more stories to this list!

What this list will not include:
- Stories about rebuilding Hogwarts, at least not exclusively, they must also be doing some form of schooling.
- Stories where they have just finished 8th year, unless 8th year was very important to the story and/or there are flashbacks to it.
- Stories just before their 8th year, including fics that only take place on the Hogwarts Express as they're returning to school.

- This marks a fanfiction as a story I have read, enjoyed and recommend reading.
WIP - This stands for Work in Progress, meaning the last time I checked the fanfiction was incomplete.

Last Updated April 6th, 2011

A Different Kind of Wet Dream by reikokatsura
Word Count: 5,000
Harry did not find the sight of Draco Malfoy pissing in the urinal beside him arousing in the least. He did not.

A Fire in the Snow by usakiwigirl
Word Count: 2,204
Harry spends his days sitting by a fire in a forest clearing.

A Good Bet by the_flic
Word Count: 10,800
Since returning to Hogwarts Draco has been acting well... NICE! Harry is suspicious, Hermione thinks they should maybe give him a break, Ron still hates the git. Harry investigates. What IS up with Draco?

A Line's Progress by ILoveToChin25 WIP
Word Count: 40,391
A seventh year story in which Draco has issues, Harry has bouts of insomnia, and they both share a strange, dysfunctional relationship.

A Nothing to Anything by potteread
Word Count: 2,301
When nothing seems to happen, two students find each other something to do.

A Time To Move On by sesheta_66
Word Count: 15,500
With the war behind them, and wounds still raw, the students at Hogwarts try to work out what their futures might hold for them, and perhaps recapture a little of their lost youth along the way.

A Year In Review by jtsbbsps_dk
Word Count: 3,900
Harry and Draco sit under a tree and ponder the past school year.

Absolution by dracosoftie
Word Count: 31,039
Draco and Harry return to Hogwarts after the war, both struggling with their own issues. Their unlikely friendship blooms into more but is torn apart by circumstances outside their control.

Action Figures by dysonrules (or here)
Word Count: 2,550
Harry discovers that snogging your enemy in unused corridors is one thing, attending costume balls together is something else entirely... A tiny bit of Mature Sexual Content. And a broom closet. :D

Aftermath by cello_of_doom
Word Count: 87,500
Post-war. Harry returns to Hogwarts to finish his education but there have been a few changes – the most important of which is a Slytherin in the Gryffindor dorms.

Aftertaste by NurseDarry
Word Count: 2,181
Draco asks for his wand back and gets more than he bargained for...
    Afterglow by NurseDarry
    Word Count: 1,911
    Poor Ron.
Amelioration by Cheryl Dyson (or here)
Word Count: 7,000
Harry’s return to school after Voldemort’s demise was pleasantly peaceful, until the holiday decorating contest.

An Act of Simple Devotion by blamebrampton (or here)
Word Count: 13,368
It’s a age-old story. You fancy a boy and you think he fancies you. Sure there are problems – attacks on former Death Eaters, crazed tabloid journalists and your girlfriend – but you have a cunning plan. Now if he’d only explain the L. Ron Hubbard-like references...

Apathy by arineat
Word Count: 40,625
The war has turned Harry Potter into an apathetic shell of a man. As he searches for a way to combat the disease that leaves him hollow and broken, he finds the cure in the last person he ever expected.

Because It is Required by Marion Quixote
Word Count: 9,000
Draco would have been just fine without Potter's interference, but that doesn't mean that he isn't glad for it.

Beneath Boundless Skies by blamebrampton (or here)
Word Count: 29,800
The end of one journey is the start of another. No matter how hard it is, nor how long it takes you to make the first step.
* Harry and Draco attend a school in Australia.

Bound and Determined by leo_draconis (or here)
Word Count: 11,109
When Harry and Draco face off during a meeting of the Dueling Club, Draco finds out a very interesting secret about Harry and decides to use it to his advantage.

Bridges by tigersilver
Word Count: 8,500
The collected correspondence concerning two ‘8th Year’ Hogwarts School students, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, from September through December, 1998.
* Letter fic.

Bringing Us Home by tigersilver
Word Count: 4,100
Hogwarts; Eighth Year. A day in the life...

Burn, Burn by marguerite_26 (or here)
Word Count: 9,800
The tireless dance of the flame, random and hypnotic, burned Draco’s retinas but he refused to look away. Closer, closer he reached until his palm hovered above the tiny flame. Three, two, then one inch away.

Buyer Beware by bryoneybrynn WIP
Word Count: 3,000
Eighth year has begun and all our favourite people are back at Hogwarts. A "servent auction" is being held to raise money for children orphaned by the war. Harry Potter is up on the block. Who do you think will bid on him?

Catch Me If I Fall by alisanne (or here)
Word Count: 15,800
As the world recovers from war, Draco faces an uncertain future. Unusual advice sets him on a new path, but only time will tell if he can avoid the pitfalls.

Certain Dark Things by bryoneybrynn WIP
Word Count: N/A
It's the year post-DH and everyone is returning to Hogwarts. Harry and Draco are each trying to adjust to life post-war. They are thrown together by circumstance and an unlikely friendship forms, followed by love. It's a story about healing, learning to give and receive love, and finding our way back from sadness.

Cheaters Prosper by bryoneybrynn
Word Count: 4,400
Draco won the Slytherin-Gryffindor match by cheating. Harry has a problem with that.

Come Slowly, Eden by Lomonaaeren (or here)
Word Count: 18,751
Harry didn’t mean to start liking Draco Malfoy. It just happened.

Come Together by oootheitooo
Word Count: 10,952
If you had a chance to do it all again, would you take it?

Draco Malfoy, It's Your Lucky Day by Faith Wood (or here)
Word Count: 37,000
Even though he's unarmed, injured, lost in the Forbidden Forest, and facing a possible murder charge, Draco Malfoy gets lucky.

Eavesdropping by silyara
Word Count: 3,547
Draco begins disappearing into the Room of Requirement again, and just as before, Harry wants to figure out why.

Elixer d'Amour by Naadi (or here)
Word Count: 9,909
Asteria Greengrass has a love potion and Draco is her target, but the outcome is unexpected – well, to some people, anyway. ;-)

facta furiosum by alovelycupoftea (or here)
Word Count: 10,532
Draco + Ron + A Cupboard = Exciting Discoveries. A Harry/Draco romance with some entirely unnecessary classical flourishes. No actual Draco/Ron occurs.

Fly with Me by bleedforyou1
Word Count: 2,296
Draco does not want to go this stupid Halloween party. But the mention of Harry's outfit may change his mind...

For All the Marbles by Veritas03 (or here)
Word Count: 30,025
Harry receives a long-lost gift when he returns to Hogwarts to finish his last year of school. Draco could be just the person to help Harry understand the gift – if the two of them can learn to talk to each other.

Forever Entwined by chibidraco WIP
Word Count: N/A
The war is over, and things are not as Harry expects, his relationship with Ginny is fractured, his future uncertain and his search for normalcy leads him to Draco Malfoy , for they are bound together by a red string of fate.

Friday I'm in Love by huntingsnarks (or here)
Word Count: 6,000
Everything changes in one week, one detention, and one bout of illicit drinking on the lawn. Much as he tries, Harry just can’t seem to ignore Malfoy.

Game Night by alisanne
Word Count: 2,050
Pansy suggests game night to foster inter-house unity, and boy does it ever.

Get Some by .Swan.Songs.
Word Count: 84,961
Harry is getting rather fed up with everyone treating him differently after the war, and catches hold of the one person who doesn't seem to care about his hero status.

Grasser by Fiendfyre
Word Count: 15,868
Hogwarts has recently re-opened to any and all students who wish to pursue their magical education, including the few "eighth-years" from each house whose seventh year was left unfinished. But where to put them? In their own dormitory! For "Inter-House unity," of course...

Hallow'd Ground by Nightstar
Word Count: 20,177
Someone is searching for the Deathly Hallows, and will stop at nothing to possess them.

He Dreams of Fire by Lomonaaeren (or here)
Word Count: 9,284
Fiendfyre burns the body. Harry and Draco are trying to find out whether it can burn the soul just as much.

He Was He and I Was Bunny by bryoneybrynn
Word Count: 37,600
The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?

Heliomancy by leela_cat (or here)
Word Count: 10,000
A teasing mirror that came from Grimmauld Place and the emphasis on inter-house relations during his eighth year at Hogwarts change everything for Harry.

High Tea by Fiendfyre
Word Count: 10,087
Hogwarts has re-opened, and when Pansy Parkinson hands out invitations to a tea party for the promotion of inter-House unity, a certain Ferret makes his way back into Harry's life with a vengeance.

Honey'd Quill, Phoenix Feather by tigersilver
Word Count: 4,307
AU; Hogwarts 8th Year; Kink!Smuff! Yes! Complete with light bondage/dubcon; food play; blood play; feathers; Parseltongue reference and other fun stuff! And very personally fulfilling, mind you. I feel as though I've tackled yet another of my Shipper Certification Categories with some small measure of success.

How to Handle an Enemy by who_la_hoop (or here)
Word Count: 7,500
Everyone knows that it’s no fun playing truth or dare with a Slytherin. But add a little Veritaserum, a scheming duo of Slytherin girls and surprising things can be revealed. Particularly about the fine line between love and hate…

i like my body when it is with your by dracosoftie
Word Count: 5,373
The strange title will be familiar if you're an e.e. cummings fan, and it will make sense after you read the story. Harry struggles with his exams, and Draco's there to make him feel better.

I'll Show You Mine by NurseDarry
Word Count: 3,007
Whose scars are bigger and better?

Imperio by .Swan.Songs.
Word Count: 24,960
Draco would have been proud of just how fast he could curse, if it wasn't Harry Potter he'd just accidentally hit with an Unforgivable...

In Search of Redemption by tomatoe18
Word Count: 31,700
The journey for redemption begins with forgiveness. In post-war Hogwarts, Draco learns this lesson with the help of a group of unlikely classmates, an unusual teacher and his former rival.

Inevitable as Tragedy by Lomonaaeren (or here)
Word Count: 8,634
Physical separation is possible for Harry and Draco. Mental separation is not.
* Letter fic.

Inter-House Tongue Sessions by marcasita
Word Count: 6,326
Back for his seventh year, Harry won’t be satisfied until he gets what he wants from Malfoy.
* No longer found online.
    Inter-House Tie Symposium by marcasita
    Word Count: 8,283
    Away from the distractions of school, Harry and Draco channel their energies.
    * No longer found online.
Into the Woods by Nightstar
Word Count: 11,935
Anything can happen in the woods...as the Slytherins and the Gryffindors are about to find out.

Invisible to the Naked Eye by soul_bound_8686
Word Count: 6,477
Blinded in a surprise attack, Draco is learning to feel what he can’t see.

Just Short of Peace by dm_p
Word Count: 6,000
There were places that Harry hated to go, even after the hours of work put into trying to clean up the carnage left behind after the war.

Kinesthetic Learners by Lomonaaeren (or here)
Word Count: 1,200
A brief moment shared during a Quidditch game.
    Lessons Returned by Lomonaaeren (or here)
    Word Count: 2,700
    Harry returns the "favor" Malfoy shared with him.
      Speaking Lessons by Lomonaaeren (or here)
      Word Count: 5,460
      Harry thought he and Malfoy were done with each other after one round of mutual humiliation. He didn't realize a Malfoy's desire dies harder than that.
Learning New Charms by tigersilver
Word Count: 2,800
Pansy sticks her nose in Draco’s business.

Life is Full of Surprises by Alaana Fair
Word Count: 3,750
When Draco goes back to a restored Hogwarts to complete his unfinished education, he gets more than he'd bargained for.

Love, Honour, and Obey—Not In That Order by literaryspell
Word Count: 8,000
Harry notices something not quite right about Draco, and, true to form, doesn't relent until he figures it out. Of course, Draco doesn’t appreciate being 'figured out' and makes things very difficult.

Lucky Break by naturegirlrocks
Word Count: 4,700
The day before Halloween Harry crashes into Draco during a friendly quidditch match. Hidden secrets come to light.

Marginal Notes by blamebrampton
Word Count: 9,500
When you’re 18, and nothing is as it was meant to be, sometimes it can be hard to let the right people know what you are thinking.

Master Work by mahaliem
Word Count: 35,110
Harry's eighth-year at Hogwarts is going about as well as all the others. Someone is out to get him, Aurors keep questioning him about the final battle and, worst of all, Draco is determined to repay his life debt to Harry.

Matters of Influence by anathema91 (or here)
Word Count: 19,000
Draco should have taken his NEWTs over the summer with Pansy and Greg. Repeating 7th year with Potter and his gaggle of groupies struck Malfoy as the height of stupidity more than once. McGonagall's diabolical plan only made things worse. Or did it?

Mere Damnable and Detestable Curiosity by Lomonaaeren (or here)
Word Count: 16,000
Back at Hogwarts and studying to sit his NEWTs after the war, Harry Potter has plenty to concentrate on that is not Draco Malfoy. Yet he’s trying to decipher him anyway—him and his mysterious jewelry and even more mysterious letters—and it’s all a bit much to do for mere curiosity.

Moisturise Me by alovelycupoftea (or here)
Word Count: 3,774
Harry and Draco bond over Quidditch and moisturiser in their post-war eighth year.

Moving On by LadyKatie
Word Count: 163,067
Harry tries to put his life back together after the fall of Voldemort, but it's more complicated than he thought. And he hadn't counted on war changing everything around him so much.
    All You Need by LadyKatie
    Word Count: 23,838
    With a history of fighting and bickering, Harry and Draco can't seem to make their relationship last. But they can't seem to stay apart either. A story about falling in love all over again. 7 years post-Moving On.
Not in the Hands of Boys by fourth_rose WIP (or here)
Word Count: 115,552
Once the final battle is won, life must go on, although it can be even harder to master than death. Back at Hogwarts for his final year of school, Harry tries to cope with everything he's been through. As the world around him struggles for a way back to normality, he is forced to realise that in the long run, living takes a lot more courage than dying.

Not Less of Love by literaryspell
Word Count: 36,000
The war changed everyone. Harry comes back to eighth year knowing exactly what he wants, and unfortunately for him, so does Draco. Is it just Harry's imagination, or is his worst enemy harbouring a secret? Harry finds out about Draco's new side and definitely doesn’t want to help. But it's not really up to him.
* Veela fic.

Obsession by Faith Wood
Word Count: 3,800
Harry worries that there's something very, very wrong with him because he just can't stop staring at Draco Malfoy's arse.

Of Polyjuice and Fairy Dust by qumabh
Word Count: 3,000
Draco wants to find out what it's like to be friends with Harry, but when he discovers that Harry is gay, realises that he wants much more.

Of the Heart's Fullness and Of the Coming Emptiness by tout_a_coup
Word Count: 9,000
Harry Potter is nineteen, and he's already peaked.

On Death and Dying in Slow Motion by bound_amalthea
Word Count: 26,300
Harry Potter has lost his fire and can't be damned to care. He literally bumps into a sneering Draco Malfoy who talks down the mighty fallen hero. It might just be enough to spark some life back into Harry.

Oral Gratitude by leo_draconis
Word Count: 757
Draco is very grateful for Harry's kindness.
    Returning the Favor by leo_draconis
    Word Count: 2,515
    Harry goes to meet Draco at his invitation, unsure if it will be his only chance with his favorite Slytherin.
Poems and Ribbons and a Quidditch Match by evvj (or here)
Word Count: 5,500
In which Pansy plots, Harry drives Hermione spare, and Draco writes better poetry than Ginny.

Reparo by amalin
Word Count: 82,256
Voldemort's final defeat does not mean Harry Potter's troubles are over; far from it. In the aftermath of war, he returns to a Hogwarts that is fractured and divided, but this is no break that can be fixed with a spell. New owls, fading scars, surprising alliances-- and along the way, the hardest task of all, to live with it...
* Podfic found here read by pennyplainknits.

Resolutions by dracosoftie
Word Count: 44,338
Students from all four Houses land in detention after their New Year's Eve plans are discovered. Will their hasty new year's resolutions have unexpected consequences?

Ringing the Changes by NurseDarry
Word Count: 7,012
His mother’s wedding gift to his father finds its way to the love of Harry’s life. Another (but not-so-epic) journey of a ring. Written from Snape's and Portrait!Snape’s POV.

Rising from the Ashes by oldenuf2nb
Word Count: 30,432
Draco Malfoy never knew that he was, for a short time, Master of the Elder Wand. He also never expected to be saved from a fate worse than death by Harry Potter, of all people. But when “The Chosen One” chooses not to save his father, Draco sets out on a course to either reclaim the wand or make Potter pay, or both.

Said and Unsaid (or, The Value of Knowing When to Stop Talking) by bryoneybrynn
Word Count: 15,000
When the Interrogator asked if he had anything to say on his own behalf, Draco shook his head, his lips pressed tight in a thin line. There was nothing to say that wouldn’t sound like an excuse.

Say Anything by alovelycupoftea (or here)
Word Count: 6,000
When Draco loses his reserve and starts speaking his mind, Harry realises something is very wrong.

Scenes from the Beginning to the End by crimson_stained
Word Count: 7,272
Nobody expected Draco Malfoy to take on the tutoring of Harry Potter at the start of a new year in Hogwarts, but he does anyway… and he swears that it has nothing to do with Potter’s green eyes. Not everything can stay strictly business.

Second Chances by Forgotten-Empress WIP (or here)
Word Count: N/A
Harry and the gang go back to Hogwarts after the Second War, and Harry is given the chance to do what he refused in first year: take Draco's hand in friendship.

Secret Santa by dracosoftie
Word Count: 7,576
Harry decides to confess his feelings for Draco during the Hogwarts Secret Santa gift exchange. What could go wrong? Warnings for slash, language and explicit sexual content.

Seeking by Daft Fear (or here)
Word Count: 9,865
Back at Hogwarts after the war, nothing feels quite right and all anyone really wants is for things to go back to ‘normal’. When a suspicious package arrives in the morning post, however, it quickly becomes clear that normal is the last thing this year should be.

Showers and Shenanigans by .Swan.Songs.
Word Count: 4,347
All Harry wants is a nice, relaxing shower during which he will most certainly not think about Draco Malfoy. Easy, right?

Snake Talk by sugareey
Word Count: 13,378
Just because he was Slytherin, didn't mean that he had to like snakes. That is, until he hears Potter talk to a snake. That's a whole different story.

Snowflakes and Cashmere by Veritas03 (or here)
Word Count: 3,758
Harry and Draco return for 8th year at Hogwarts, but spend most of their time studying each other. Will one of them work up the courage to approach the other instead of just playing the watching game?

Soaring by tealeaf_523 (or here)
Word Count: 9,000
Draco Malfoy is reaching the half-way point of his eighth year of Hogwarts, post-war. Though things are back to normal Draco feels haunted, suffocated, broken by his past. And he can’t be fixed. Can he?

Speaking in Tongues by Lomonaaeren (or here)
Word Count: 13,200
Draco thinks that he has put the darkness of the war behind him, until the snake on his Dark Mark starts speaking to him.

Speechless by mayberry_rose
Word Count: 6,250
In which Draco can’t speak, and Harry learns to listen.

Spring Fever by absynthedrinker
Word Count: 2,600
Spring brings many things to Hogwarts...including days off, toppled plants and unlikely beginnings.

Status Quo by me_midget
Word Count: 11,000
Eighth year has started and going back to school is harder than anyone thought. A proper outlet is needed – and found in games that hold more significance than anyone expected.

Sunspots by dracosoftie
Word Count: 29,046
Tired of listening to Harry and Draco fight -- when it's evident they want to do more than that -- Hermione and Pansy conspire to force the boys together.

Symbiosis by fireflavored
Word Count: 20,300
sym·bi·o·sis (sĩm'bē-ō'sĩs) n. Biology A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member.

Tangled Up in You by rickey_a
Word Count: 2,300
An '8th' year accidental encounter.

The Affairs of Men by sesheta_66
Word Count: 17,000
Having just survived the war, Draco prepares, with some trepidation, for life to get back to normal, or as normal as it can be after war. What he is not prepared for is upheaval, the complete transformation of the world in which he lives. How he chooses to react and move on will determine his fate in this post-war wizarding world.
* Draco takes his last year of schooling at Drumstrang since Hogwarts won't accept him. Harry and Draco correspond.

The Altar by dragenphly
Word Count: 16,000
Draco grows up. With difficulty. It would probably be easier if it wasn’t for Harry fucking Potter.

The Art Of Telling A Lie by dragenphly
Word Count: 6,167
Harry has become very good at lying. To himself.

The Best Laid Plans by cassie_black
Word Count: 8,500
Pansy Parkinson’s got a plan. It doesn’t work out quite like she expected.

The Book of How to Move by Lomonaaeren (or here)
Word Count: 4,500
Flying, fighting, fucking...This is Draco and Harry's book of how to move.

The Charm Conundrum by dysonrules (or here)
Word Count: 8,500
Harry misplaces an interesting "self-help" manual. Draco finds it and discovers some fascinating insights into Harry Potter.

The Creature Within by nicevenn
Word Count: 4,800
Draco knew from the moment they boarded the Hogwarts express that this year was going to be a disaster.
* Veela fic.

The Cuckoo's Egg in the Blithering Humdinger Nest (a Blended Houses story) by b00kaddict (or here)
Word Count: 12,916
Harry and Ron are forced to share a dormitory with Draco and Goyle. The Slytherins grow on them. Harry/Draco with hints of Ron/Hermione.

The Debt by Rhysenn
Word Count: 17,590
There are four things every person has more of than they know: sins, debt, years, and foes.
* This link is only for the first of four parts. There is no 8th year in this part. The rest can be found on the livejournal of iscaris however it is friends locked.

The God in the Blood by Lomonaaeren (or here)
Word Count: 11,800
The Bacchanalia is a time of madness, of feasting, of orgies—and of crossing boundaries.

The Horribly Optimistic and Naïve by jordanneleigh
Word Count: 17,000
When Harry gets politely refused from the Auror program, he goes back to school to find that Draco has begun to run the place. Of course, Malfoy's got to be up to something.

The Joys of Aural Sex by leo_draconis
Word Count: 5,573
Harry has one big kink - dirty talk. Draco has one big kink - Harry.

The Lovers' Circle by nicevenn (or here)
Word Count: 13,400
Tired of feeling alone, Harry agrees to play a matchmaking game with the other eighth years. It's just a game, after all. What harm could it do?

The More You Ignore Me by nahimana
Word Count: 6,800
Hogwarts has gone through some changes, and now Harry is faced with scheming housemates, flying rose bushes and a Malfoy obsessed with Muggle music.

The One Mistake That Turned Right by ran_mouri
Word Count: 6,000
During his last year at Hogwarts, Harry makes a mistake and gets an eye-oppener in return.

The Peace That Follows by Maab_Connor
Word Count: 10,793
Draco Malfoy did not get out of the war easily, his past caught up with him, and as he is coming to terms with the life before him Harry Potter manages to complicate matters.
* Werewolf Draco.

The Price We Pay for Wings by Frayach Ni Cuill (or here)
Word Count: 13,600
Books have the power to shape young lives. At least that is the hope of the anonymous author of a best-selling series about a Muggle boy and his best friend on the eve of a world war. But stories do more than just shape the future: they can redress the wrongs of the past as well. But only as long as it’s not too late...
* This takes place after the epilogue but segments detail their 8th year of schooling together, which is significant to the story. Podfic found here read by raitala.

The Prince of Hearts by sugareey
Word Count: 11,659
The discovery of a magical mirror leads to destruction that Draco could never imagine. But when he finally asks for help from the last person he wants to deal with, he gets more than he can ask for.

The Ties That Bind Us by Faith Wood (or here)
Word Count: 30,260
An accident leaves Draco and Harry bound tightly together. Literally.

Things Change by fancypantsdylan
Word Count: 7,300
Draco thanks Harry for all he did for his family, then things begin to change.

Those Who Can't Do by wendypops
Word Count: 7,828
"Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

To Give Everything by slashpervert and aveeno_baby
Word Count: 50,000
Draco finds The Room, a torture chamber in the Hogwarts dungeons and longs for someone to submit to him. Harry finds he needs that and more.

Trajectories by bookshop
Word Count: 35,000
Rembrandt's phrase in describing his painting: "Die meeste ende di naetureelste beweechgelickheijt", can be translated as greatest, most natural movement (emotion or motive).

Transfixured: Snugs and Slails by fireelemental79
Word Count: 37,700
“Well, we had a nice run. It was the strangest of times, but I’ll remember the inanity of it with a wistful fondness. Harry and Draco. Partners, mates. Dancing to silly music in a deserted room. Slugs with benefits. Yes. A nice run. Strange, but nice.”

Truth or Dare by uniquepov
Word Count: 2,281
Hogwarts' "eighth-year" students have their own dorms and common room outside of the House system. What happens when of-age students need to blow off steam? Children’s games, of course…!

Tuesday Blues by stillaseeker
Word Count: 2,027
After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry, to his chagrin, finds that he and Malfoy have regressed back to being grubby, awkward, Quidditch-obsessed teenage schoolboys.

Two Sides of the Same Coin by noiselessheart (or here)
Word Count: 119,473
Harry and Draco find out the hard way that the line between hate and love is a fine one, and that somewhere between the Battle of Hogwarts and being thrust back together as Hogwarts eighth years, they may have just crossed it.

Two To A Tent by mayberry_rose
Word Count: 7,594
The War is over, and Harry has learned a lot – camping is awful, nightmares are worse, and Malfoy is a git.

Unfamiliar Territory by leo_draconis (or here)
Word Count: 18,780
In an effort to promote tolerance in the wake of the war, the "eighth year" students returning to Hogwarts are required to complete a Muggle Studies project – six months in the States, living among Muggles. With Draco for a roommate, how will Harry endure the trip?

Water from a Stone by Lomonaaeren (or here)
Word Count: 57,048
Harry decides to do something about the mistreatment of the Slytherins in Hogwarts after the war. And then discovers that he could have chosen an easier task than the one he did. Such as climbing Mount Everest.

Which Wizard Willies by qumabh
Word Count: 6,750
Harry loses something rather embarrassing and Draco finds it. Draco blackmails Harry and promises not to share his secret with everyone as long as Harry repays him with sexual favours.

Who Fell As Beautifully As Their Ballads Tell by literaryspell
Word Count: 7,400
Harry attends a Slytherin party at the behest of McGonagall. Draco Malfoy is there, and his presence inspires a change. Afterward, Harry and Draco continue to surprise each other.

Who Shagged Harry Potter? by Faith Wood (or here)
Word Count: 6,838
One beautiful sunny Sunday the Slytherins woke up after a raunchy night only to discover that a very naked Harry Potter had slept amongst them. Naturally, they asked themselves a logical question: Who the hell shagged him?

Why Insulting the Boyfriend is a Bad Idea by oldenuf2nb
Word Count: 6,871
After Ron insults him, Draco is furious when Harry doesn't come to his defence.

Wings n Things by tnumfive
Word Count: 4,964
In a shocking twist that surprised no one, Harry and Draco are assigned each other as partners for a different sort of assignment.

Work After Wartime by Lomonaaeren (or here)
Word Count: 13,890
After the defeat of Voldemort, there's still work for Harry to do –for example, helping Draco Malfoy overcome his water phobia.

World in My Eyes by JoinTheDots WIP
Word Count: 14,156
Harry returns to complete an Eighth Year at Hogwarts amidst a recovering post-war wizarding community. He finds himself drawn to Draco Malfoy, who seems just as out of place in the new world as he is.

You're Not Helping! by kitty_fic
Word Count: N/A
The 8th year students are playing truth or dare. Ron thinks he's helping, but he's really not!

Yule Ball, Take Two by bryoneybrynn
Word Count: 5,392
Voldemort's fallen, Hogwarts has reopened and everyone's celebrating the season at the Yule Ball. Despite having his pick of the school, Harry Potter is sitting by himself thinking about a certain Slytherin.... It may give the illusion of being a bit serious at the start, but this one is all silliness!
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